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06 20761925

Official seller

Edilmac Sat S.r.l. company is at the service of the clients to offer customers a quality and reliability in line with new technologies and regulations, regarding sales, rental crane, new and used, assembly and repairs.

All this is possible thanks to a team of qualified people, with high moral skills and techniques able to intervene promptly with the customer’s request with maximum efficiency.

It is a SAEZ concessionaire for the Center and South Italy, with a full range of Cranes, from automatic and hydraulic up to 40 mt. of jib.

The Cranes from the Old Town or from a high renovation up to 35 mt of jib. Traditional tower cranes, City, Topless, Flat-top up to 75 mt. of jib.

SAEZ cranes reach a height of up to 100 meters without anchors.

Saez cranes have double CE certification, they comply with all norms (DIN, FEM, CNR, UNI) with classes A3 and A4.


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