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Official seller

The objective of our business is to offer quality and safe service to meet customer needs. with professionalism, flexibility and timing. Our company carries out the rental and sale of cranes, as well as assembly and dismantling, and specialized assistance.

After-sales advice and support services cover our customers beyond the warranty period and ensure:

  • immediate availability of spare parts,
  • timely intervention of our specialized technicians for any type of problem,
  • consulting on new production plants,
  • examination or design of existing plant modifications.

Assembly / dismantling crane

The crane assembly is carried out in accordance with the current regulations, and is carried out with complete safety of employees and the construction site, by our highly qualified personnel who work with professionalism and competence.
Before installation, all safety documentation (POS, certificates, etc.) is provided.
At the end of assembly, a regular declaration of correct assembly is issued.

Crane spare parts

A wide range of construction crane spare parts in our extensive well-stocked warehouse: ropes and pulleys, brakes, electric motors and reducers, limit switches and limiters, inverters, collision systems, anemometers etc.

Radio controls

A wide range of radio controls and pushbuttons of the best brands, such as REMDEVICE, ELCA, HETRONIC.


Self dumping bins, forks, slips, chains

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